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Why Cats are Associated with Halloween

We’ve all seen it: the snarling, hissing black cat figure of Halloween that has been a staple of the holiday for more than a century. For many, this comically scary representation of our beloved house cats is as much a part of Halloween as ghosts, candy corn and pumpkins. But few know the fascinating intricacies of the cat’s relationship with the holiday, a history that goes a long way to understanding the way we regard…

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2015 Halloween Kitty Contest Winners!

After hours of deliberation attempting to select the winner of the 2015 Cat Connection Halloween Kitty Contest, we totally just gave up and randomly drew names. Behold and be afraid! The Winner: San-D submitted by Catherine Harris! We thought your kitty bore an uncanny resemblance to the alien robot Pierce Brosnan of The World’s End. Congratulations! The Runner Ups: Caleb submitted by Danelle Frost doing his best E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial impression! And Locke submitted by Ashley Lungwitz…

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Cat Safety Tips for Halloween (known to your cat as the terrifying day of small shrieking humans where the doorbell won’t stop ringing)

It’s almost Halloween! YES!!! Halloween is the holiday of so many great things: candy, trick-or-treating, scary movies, spooktacular lawn decorations, candy again… an excuse to buy all kinds of Halloween-themed cat toys (as if we needed an excuse). However, as great as Halloween can be for people, it can be just as terrifying and dangerous for pets, particularly cats. So to help keep your kitties safe, the Cat Connection has compiled this list of Halloween tips. Keep your cat…

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Costumes: Your Cat Hates Them

Yup, it’s that time of year again. From October through December, normally well-adjusted pet parents go a little crazy, dressing up their cats, dogs and… iguanas, we guess… in costumes that range from the most elaborate homemade creation to the worst last-minute store-bought mess. To put it bluntly: it’s weird. Unsurprisingly, the Cat Connection is regularly asked why we don’t sell costumes, antler ears, Santa hats, etc., during this time, especially when the larger pet supply…

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The Dallas Cat Café Returns with Paws in the City!

Now that all of us, feline and human alike, at the Cat Connection have recovered from the whirlwind success of August and September’s cat cafés, we’ve decided to get back to work and help more kitties find their forever homes. Let’s do this, DFW! So please, join us this Saturday, October 17th, from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Cat Connection! Our featured shelter will be Paws in the City, a volunteer-run, no-kill shelter…

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Toxoplasmosis: Don’t Panic! Kitty Isn’t Going Anywhere.

As you all know, toxoplasmosis made the news recently due to a maniac increasing the cost of a life-saving drug treatment by 5,000%.  For many, this is likely the first time they’ve ever had to think about the parasite, but for cat people, toxoplasmosis is a dreaded topic. Of course, this feeling of dread is not because toxoplasmosis represents any significant threat for most people, but rather because we’ve all encountered the tragically misinformed person who, “just had to…

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