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Talking Cat Shop with Groomer Priscilla Rodriguez

As our DFW clientele know, the Cat Connection is proud to offer professional grooming services that leave your cat looking and feeling great. But as nice as kitty may look after her grooming appointment, it’s important to remember that proper and regular coat care is also an essential part of your cat’s health. Cat Connection co-owner and groomer Priscilla Rodriguez sat down to answer the most frequent questions she receives about her profession, her life…

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Your cat LOVES treats. How to make that a good thing for both of you.

Does your cat come running the second she hears the *crinkle crinkle* of her treat bag?  Have you thwarted too many of your cat’s attempts to break into the treat cabinet undetected? Will nothing rouse your cat from a deep sleep faster than just the word “treat?” Yup. We thought so. Your cat LOVES treats. This is not a bad thing. In moderation, treats can be a positive and helpful part of your relationship with your cat. Check out…

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Play with your Cat! (the right way)

Do you have a cat who just won’t play, no matter what you try? Well, you’re not alone! The Cat Connection regularly hears from customers frustrated with kitty’s unwillingness to play with her vast collection of cat toys. We get it. It’s the worst. But don’t despair! Instead, get kitty playing in no time with these tips from the Cat Connection’s cat pros. Play is necessary. Your domestic cat is still very much a wild feline and has many…

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2016 Boarding Rates and Policies

In an effort to provide your cats with the best possible care during their stay with us, the Cat Connection will be implementing changes to our cat boarding policies in 2016. Please take a moment to review the changes below, all of which have been made with the health and safety of our staff and boarding cats in mind. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the store directly. Thank you for your…

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