Month: August 2015

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Cat Café: DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue, Meet the Breeds!

The Cat Connection is busy preparing for its second Pop-Up Cat Café, which will be held on Saturday, August 15 from 11 AM to 4 PM. Our inaugural Café was a great success, raising $1,000 for Operation Kindness and helping to find three cats their forever homes! This weekend, the Café will be featuring a new rescue in need of exposure for their adoptable kitties: DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue. We hope to see you all there for…

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Inaugural Cat Café: Successes and Pop-Upness

Now that all of us at the Cat Connection have finally caught our breath following Saturday’s Pop-Up Cat Café, we are so happy to share the final numbers of the event. Drum roll, please! Number of Café attendees: 600 Number of Café cats adopted / pending adoption: 3 Amount raised for Operation Kindness: $1,000 All we can say is WOW! What a great day for everyone, human and feline alike. Thank you to all the DFW Cat People…

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We Speak Cat: A Kitty Communication Guide

For the uninitiated, feline communication can appear nearly impossible to decipher. While dogs benefit from, conservatively, 15,000 years of co-evolution with humans, in addition to decades of intensive scientific and behavioral research, cats have largely been left to their own mysterious selves. The discrepancy between how we engage with dog versus cat communication is partially due to the difficulty of using cats as research subjects, because as it turns out – go figure – cats simply don’t care that…

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