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Fireworks are Terrifying! Protect your Pet this Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is super fun for people, but not so super fun for pets! Terrifying fireworks, disrupted schedules, dangerous food… drunk neighbors… the whole thing is enough to send a cat or dog into a state of panic, sometimes with terrible consequences.So keep your pet safe this holiday with these tips from the Cat Connection:
  • Make sure your cat or dog is wearing a collar with tags AND is microchipped (with up-to-date information)! Did you know that the week following Independence Day is the busiest for animal shelters? Some shelters even begin euthanizing animals beforehand to make room for the influx of lost pets! Panicked, stressed pets are likely to bolt out your door or yard the first chance they get. Identification tags and microchips increase the likelihood of your pet finding their way home by more than 20 times!
  • During fireworks and celebrations, keep your animals in a safe, cool room and check on them often. Keeping your animal contained not only helps them cope with the stress of the celebrations, but also lets you know exactly where they are. Be sure to provide fresh water, a litterbox and some favorite toys and blankets for this safe room, and if possible, close the blinds to provide extra security.
  • Consult your veterinarian for sedatives if necessary. Some pets need a little help to get through the Fourth. Your veterinarian should be able to recommend an appropriate sedative for your animal and provide you with information on how to use them. Just be sure to follow the vet’s instructions exactly! No one wants to spend the Fourth of July at an Emergency Vet.
  • If you are going away or have a particularly celebratory neighborhood, consider boarding your pet. Fireworks and festivities are hard enough on your pet, even when you’re there! If left alone, pets are more likely to injure themselves, escape or be hurt in a firework-related disaster. Boarding your pet not only ensures that your animal will be safe and accounted for, but also provides peace of mind for you while you are away.
All of us at the Cat Connection wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!