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Reality check: Making Arrangements for your Pets for After you are Gone (this just got real)

As many of you know, the Cat Connection is currently trying to find suitable homes for more than 25 feral and semi-feral cats. These cats were cared for by a long-time customer of the store, who literally opened her door up to a large feral population of needy cats around her home. Unfortunately, due to a recent accident, she is no longer able to look after her feline charges. At present, all 25 cats are being held…

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“Fall” scented litter, anyone? No. Just No.

Like any reasonable human, all of us at the Cat Connection love Fall. What’s not to love? Changing leaves, warm clothes (I mean, eventually… we’re in Texas, remember?), Halloween… pumpkin spice everything. We love it all! At least, that’s what we thought, until we stumbled upon Tidy Cats Fall Frolic kitty litter. Behold and be disturbed: OK. Let’s deconstruct this monstrosity piece by piece. For Human Use Only. This is an example of a product that…

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September Cat Cafés & August Successes! (No rest for the weary at the Cat Connection)

Phew! The Cat Connection just finished its craziest August ever, and we are taking a second to breathe! Four Cat Cafés, one on each Saturday that month, kept our staff, shop cats and volunteers busy beyond words and meows. But it was all worth it, as we are so happy to report these amazing successes: Café visitors: 1,200 Money raised to benefit local shelters: $3,620 Felines adopted into loving forever homes: 18 Following the success…

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Fleas: Miserable, Annoying Terrors for both You and Kitty (and how to deal)

Recently, the Cat Connection has received numerous questions regarding fleas and flea treatment. This is no surprise, as DFW’s record-breaking wet spring this year produced an outbreak in flea infestations throughout the metroplex. The rain even jeopardized the feral cat program at Southern Methodist University, and many homes and cats experienced flea issues for the first time. So, with this in mind, here is the Cat Connection’s primer on all things flea-related! Try not to…

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