Month: December 2015

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Road Warriors: Car Rides with Kitty

At one time or another, most cat people will wind up making a long drive with kitty. But even for the most seasoned feline traveler, car rides are rarely fun. When you think about it, this is understandable: your cat was minding her own business when you suddenly put her into a box, then put that box into a bigger box that also moves, and then made her stay in the box for what seemed…

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Midnight (now Muffin) Update – New Paw Coming Soon!

OnThe Cat Connection is pleased to update y’all on Midnight, the three-pawed kitten in need of a prosthetic limb. To date, the cat community has generously contributed $1,700 to Midnight’s prosthetic fund, enough to start him on his journey to four paws. We are so grateful for the support of our friends as Midnight heals. New paw coming soon! Unfortunately, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the mold for Midnight’s prosthetic was delayed on its way…

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Preparing Your Cat for Boarding

For so many cat lovers, making arrangements for your cats while you are away from home can be at best stressful and time consuming, and at worst panic attack-inducing, with a touch of guilt thrown in for good measure. The agony of writing down exactly how kitty needs to be cared for (“Be sure to feed Snowball from the bowl in the kitchen and Rocket Raccoon – the kids named him – from the bowl…

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