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Talking Cat Shop with Groomer Priscilla Rodriguez

As our DFW clientele know, the Cat Connection is proud to offer professional grooming services that leave your cat looking and feeling great. But as nice as kitty may look after her grooming appointment, it’s important to remember that proper and regular coat care is also an essential part of your cat’s health. Cat Connection co-owner and groomer Priscilla Rodriguez sat down to answer the most frequent questions she receives about her profession, her life…

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Cat Café: DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue, Meet the Breeds!

The Cat Connection is busy preparing for its second Pop-Up Cat Café, which will be held on Saturday, August 15 from 11 AM to 4 PM. Our inaugural Café was a great success, raising $1,000 for Operation Kindness and helping to find three cats their forever homes! This weekend, the Café will be featuring a new rescue in need of exposure for their adoptable kitties: DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue. We hope to see you all there for…

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