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Costumes: Your Cat Hates Them

Yup, it’s that time of year again. From October through December, normally well-adjusted pet parents go a little crazy, dressing up their cats, dogs and… iguanas, we guess… in costumes that range from the most elaborate homemade creation to the worst last-minute store-bought mess. To put it bluntly: it’s weird.

Unsurprisingly, the Cat Connection is regularly asked why we don’t sell costumes, antler ears, Santa hats, etc., during this time, especially when the larger pet supply chains have had these products on their shelves since August. Well…

Why we don’t sell costumes

As you know, the Cat Connection is dedicated to the well-being and safety of your cats, and we maintain the strictest standards for the products we sell. To this end, we are always on guard for feline products that exist solely for the amusement of humans, with no benefit to the cats at all. You all know what we’re talking about.

Costumes, antler ears, Santa hats, etc., are 100% in this category. Make no mistake: cats hate wearing costumes. At the very best, your cat will tolerate it, but more than likely, she is traumatized by the costume itself, the process of dressing and undressing, and the inevitable photo session that is the whole point of this fiasco in the first place. To us, it’s just not worth putting kitty through this stress.

But we do sell sweaters – and why

Now, we do sell cat sweaters, but these are designed specifically for the benefit of the cat. Hairless breeds, such as Sphynx cats, must at times wear clothing for protection from the sun, cold and other environmental irritants. In addition, cats who are undergoing medical treatment that require ports or tubes or who have wounds that need to be protected can benefit from clothing, as can cats who suffer from feline hyperesthesia, like celebricat Sauerkraut Kitty, who may benefit from wearing clothes as a calming aid. But keep in mind: a simple sweater is not the same as a costume, and even then, not every cat is a candidate for wearing a sweater.

NOT the same as a sweater.
NOT the same as a sweater.

You’re still going to dress up your cat, aren’t you?

If you’re still intent upon dressing kitty up this season, then please be sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Choose a costume that is made for cats. And be careful with homemade costumes, as they may contain dangerous or painful components for your cats.
  • Never let your cat be unsupervised when in costume. The possibility of ingesting a part of the costume, accidental strangling, or even getting stuck somewhere when hiding (because the cat is terrified) are all very real concerns.
  • Keep the photo shoot short. Have your phone ready and minimize the time kitty will be in costume.
  • Reward her. When you’ve finished, give your poor kitty a treat. She’s earned it, you weirdo.
All images via BuzzFeed