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Cat Safety Tips for Halloween (known to your cat as the terrifying day of small shrieking humans where the doorbell won’t stop ringing)

It’s almost Halloween! YES!!! Halloween is the holiday of so many great things: candy, trick-or-treating, scary movies, spooktacular lawn decorations, candy again… an excuse to buy all kinds of Halloween-themed cat toys (as if we needed an excuse).

However, as great as Halloween can be for people, it can be just as terrifying and dangerous for pets, particularly cats. So to help keep your kitties safe, the Cat Connection has compiled this list of Halloween tips.

Keep your cat inside!

The Cat Connection recommends that cats are kept inside anyway, but Halloween poses exceptional safety risks for pets. Not only can cats be the victims of terrible cruelty, but the increased traffic and movement in the neighborhood can result in your cat being hit by a car, chased outside of their territory or so disoriented that they seek shelter in an unsafe location, such as up a tree, in an open garage or down a storm drain.

Additionally, because cats have a unique relationship to Halloween in many people’s minds, we recommend you keep kitty indoors a few days before and a few days after the holiday as well.

Sorry, guys. You’re staying inside tonight, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

Keep pets contained in a safe, quiet room! 

Preferably one away from the front door. Set up the room with kitty’s favorite toys, bed, litter box and scratching post a day or so before Halloween so she has incentive to spend time there before the stress of the holiday. If you expect your cat will be particularly stressed, try spraying the room with a calming spray, such as a flower essence compound or a synthetic pheromone like Feliway.

And of course, be sure to check on your pets often throughout the night.

The author's cats holding paws in solidarity when locked up in the bedroom.
The author’s cats holding paws in solidarity when locked up in the bedroom. It’s for your own good, guys!!!

Be mindful of the door!

Even if kitty is locked up, be extra careful with your front door. Even the calmest, mellowest feline can become an artful door dasher due to the stress of the doorbell ringing and the door opening constantly. If possible, put a pet gate up so there is no way your cat will make it outside without you noticing.

Tag your pets and be sure their microchip info is up to date! 

Just in case your cat does get outside, be sure she’s wearing a collar WITH a tag and that her microchip is registered with your most up to date contact information. Plus, this also gives you an excuse to dress kitty in a Halloween-themed beastie band!

Spooktacular Beastie Bands!
Spooktacular Beastie Bands!

Be careful with those decorations! 

Cats are irrepressibly drawn to anything that is new and intriguing in your home… like seasonal decorations, for instance. Be sure that your cat cannot ingest, destroy or otherwise misuse your decorations, especially if there’s a chance she could be electrocuted or burned.

Sorry, Vladimir. Not this year.

Candy is not for cats!

Chocolate and some artificial sweeteners are absolutely toxic to cats and dogs and will require an emergency vet visit (NOT a happy place to be on Halloween). Be sure candy and other treats are out of reach of pets and be sure to remind your children that no one needs to share with the animals – you’ve earned that candy, tiny human! It’s all yours!



Please, Halloween is great, but keep your pets safe! And remember: if you have any concern about the safety of your cats on Halloween, consider boarding them at a professional cat boarding facility like the Cat Connection! Space is limited, so please contact us today!