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Preparing Your Cat for Boarding

For so many cat lovers, making arrangements for your cats while you are away from home can be at best stressful and time consuming, and at worst panic attack-inducing, with a touch of guilt thrown in for good measure. The agony of writing down exactly how kitty needs to be cared for (“Be sure to feed Snowball from the bowl in the kitchen and Rocket Raccoon – the kids named him – from the bowl…

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Cat Safety Tips for Halloween (known to your cat as the terrifying day of small shrieking humans where the doorbell won’t stop ringing)

It’s almost Halloween! YES!!! Halloween is the holiday of so many great things: candy, trick-or-treating, scary movies, spooktacular lawn decorations, candy again… an excuse to buy all kinds of Halloween-themed cat toys (as if we needed an excuse). However, as great as Halloween can be for people, it can be just as terrifying and dangerous for pets, particularly cats. So to help keep your kitties safe, the Cat Connection has compiled this list of Halloween tips. Keep your cat…

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Fleas: Miserable, Annoying Terrors for both You and Kitty (and how to deal)

Recently, the Cat Connection has received numerous questions regarding fleas and flea treatment. This is no surprise, as DFW’s record-breaking wet spring this year produced an outbreak in flea infestations throughout the metroplex. The rain even jeopardized the feral cat program at Southern Methodist University, and many homes and cats experienced flea issues for the first time. So, with this in mind, here is the Cat Connection’s primer on all things flea-related! Try not to…

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Cats Carriers: Safety in a Box

One of the most rewarding parts of working at the Cat Connection is getting to meet our customers’ feline friends in “person” (catson?) through our boarding and grooming services. But as fun as it is to meet the cats we’ve heard so much about, we often receive questions about our requirement that all cats be in a carrier when visiting the Cat Connection, so we decided to address your concerns here. Why we require a cat carrier…

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