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Road Warriors: Car Rides with Kitty

At one time or another, most cat people will wind up making a long drive with kitty. But even for the most seasoned feline traveler, car rides are rarely fun. When you think about it, this is understandable: your cat was minding her own business when you suddenly put her into a box, then put that box into a bigger box that also moves, and then made her stay in the box for what seemed…

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Preparing Your Cat for Boarding

For so many cat lovers, making arrangements for your cats while you are away from home can be at best stressful and time consuming, and at worst panic attack-inducing, with a touch of guilt thrown in for good measure. The agony of writing down exactly how kitty needs to be cared for (“Be sure to feed Snowball from the bowl in the kitchen and Rocket Raccoon – the kids named him – from the bowl…

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Midnight the Kitten: Four Paws for the Holidays

Meet Midnight: The Three-Pawed Kitten Who Needs Your Help As many of you know, the Cat Connection has a long history of working with local Dallas-Fort Worth animal shelters to foster cats in need of homes. It’s a wonderful arrangement: the cats get a break from the shelter and are exposed to many potential adopters; the shelter gets a brief reprieve from the cost of caring for the cats, as the Cat Connection provides food,…

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Why Cats are Associated with Halloween

We’ve all seen it: the snarling, hissing black cat figure of Halloween that has been a staple of the holiday for more than a century. For many, this comically scary representation of our beloved house cats is as much a part of Halloween as ghosts, candy corn and pumpkins. But few know the fascinating intricacies of the cat’s relationship with the holiday, a history that goes a long way to understanding the way we regard…

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2015 Halloween Kitty Contest Winners!

After hours of deliberation attempting to select the winner of the 2015 Cat Connection Halloween Kitty Contest, we totally just gave up and randomly drew names. Behold and be afraid! The Winner: San-D submitted by Catherine Harris! We thought your kitty bore an uncanny resemblance to the alien robot Pierce Brosnan of The World’s End. Congratulations! The Runner Ups: Caleb submitted by Danelle Frost doing his best E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial impression! And Locke submitted by Ashley Lungwitz…

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