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Toxoplasmosis: Don’t Panic! Kitty Isn’t Going Anywhere.

As you all know, toxoplasmosis made the news recently due to a maniac increasing the cost of a life-saving drug treatment by 5,000%.  For many, this is likely the first time they’ve ever had to think about the parasite, but for cat people, toxoplasmosis is a dreaded topic. Of course, this feeling of dread is not because toxoplasmosis represents any significant threat for most people, but rather because we’ve all encountered the tragically misinformed person who, “just had to…

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Reality check: Making Arrangements for your Pets for After you are Gone (this just got real)

As many of you know, the Cat Connection is currently trying to find suitable homes for more than 25 feral and semi-feral cats. These cats were cared for by a long-time customer of the store, who literally opened her door up to a large feral population of needy cats around her home. Unfortunately, due to a recent accident, she is no longer able to look after her feline charges. At present, all 25 cats are being held…

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