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Dallas Cat Café – Rules & Guidelines

The Cat Connection is proud to present the Dallas Cat Café, your one-stop-shop for cats, caffeine and cat folk. But of course, the safety of our Café cats is our number one priority, so please take a moment to review the following guidelines before enjoying your time with our feline friends.

Cat hair with your coffee?
Would you like cat hair with your coffee?

Cat Café Rules

As all cat people can appreciate, lots of people + cats + hot beverages has the potential for significant complications. Thus, The Cat Connection has prepared the following guidelines to ensure that everyone, feline and human alike, has an enjoyable and safe time at the Café:

  • PLEASE be gentle when petting the cats
    • We want our Café cats to have the best experience possible. Please be mindful of cat body language and gentle when handling them. Pet at your own risk.
  • PLEASE sanitize your hands before and after entering the Café
    • Feline illnesses can travel quickly between cats and are the bane of shelters like Operation Kindness. To ensure that our kitties, as well as your kitties at home, remain healthy and happy, The Cat Connection will provide hand sanitizer to be used when entering and leaving the Café.
  • PLEASE be patient as you wait to enter the Café
    • To keep the cats from becoming over stimulated, we will be limiting the number of people in the Café at one time. Everyone will have a chance to spend some time with the kitties, but please be patient as you wait.
  • NO outside dogs or cats
    • The Café cats are all adoptable animals from Operation Kindness. A stressed cat has difficulty showing its true self, and we want these kitties to shine! Nothing stresses a cat out more than a strange new animal, especially in a room filled with strange new people, so please, keep your pets at home.
  • NO outside food, toys or treats
    • The Cat Connection will provide treats and toys for the kitties. And of course, please do not feed the cats any human food.
  • Well behaved children are welcome, but please supervise their interaction with the cats
    • No tail pulling, no rough petting and no yelling at the cats, please.

The Cat Connection reserves the right to remove any individual from the Café at any time.

We hope to see all you cat people at The Cat Connection on August 8th! In the meantime, check back here, as we’ll be posting more information about the Café as we get closer. And remember: all of the Café cats are adoptable, so if you know anyone on the fence about adopting a cat, please bring them with you on the 8th! Just tell them you want to get some coffee.

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