Travel Cat Adventure Harness

Travel Cat Adventure Harness

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    Are you tired of leaving your cat at home alone for long stretches? Do you yearn for more quality time with your fur babies? Perhaps you dream of training your kitty to enjoy the great outdoors, or you simply need a convenient harness for everyday errands and vet visits.

    "The True Adventurer" Cat Harness & Leash Set can help you spend more quality time with your cat beyond the great indoors - giving your cat the enrichment and stimulation they need in a safe way so they can live a long and happy life.

    Our line of Travel Cat gear includes felines of all sizes - from the little floofs, to those who are "big boned". Adventure should be a pawsibility for all cat parents and their kitties, to embrace the wild side & get outdoors together.

    What you've stumbled upon - a site and community filled with people who do more with their cats - is a small but mighty and growing community. The Travel Cat community is filled with cat parents who realize exploring with your cat - getting in the sights and smells outside of the house - is rewarding, healthy, and beneficial for both human and feline.

    Having high-quality gear is the most important factor when looking to spend bonding time outside of the house with your cat. Our products are designed with your cat's comfort and safety as top priority, along with your convenience and comfort as the cat parent, of course!

    This easy-on, comfortable, and safe harness is exactly what you need for your outside adventures - whether that's walks around the block, road trips, hiking at National Parks, flying across the country, or anything in between.


    X-SMALL (FOR KITTENS): 9.5-11.8 in girth
    SMALL: 13-15.5 in girth
    MEDIUM: 15-17.3 in girth
    LARGE: 16-19 in girth
    Measurement is done around your cat's chest. You want your cat's harness to be snug and fitted so they can't get out of it. When you take the measurement, make sure you're getting close and tight up against your cat -- down past all the floof!

    If you're between sizes, go for the bigger size if your cat is still growing, or the smaller size if they are not.

    Leash Size: Length: 3.9 ft | Width .59 in 

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