Fat Cat Backpack by Travel Cat Black

Fat Cat Backpack by Travel Cat Black

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    Introducing "The Fat Cat" cat backpack - an international best-seller that's taking the cat-loving world by storm! Engineered to withstand the weightiest of feline friends, this backpack holds the record for the most weight capacity on the market - accommodating up to a hefty 25 lbs of cat.

    Crafted with your cat's comfort in mind, this breathable cat backpack features a spacious interior and a bubble window that provides ample ventilation and panoramic views for your curious companion. Perfect for larger "big boned" cats, two medium-sized felines, or a litter of playful kittens, this backpack ensures that your furry friends can travel in style and comfort.

    What sets this backpack apart is its versatility and convenience. Equipped with a bubble window and a screen attachment, you can easily swap them out to suit your cat's preferences or the weather conditions. Whether your cat prefers to gaze out at the world or feel the breeze through the mesh screen, this backpack has you covered.

    But wait, there's more! All of the styles come with a clip and bungee attachment, allowing you to secure a leash and give your cat the option to "hang out" of the backpack while you're on the move. It's the perfect way to let your adventurous cat explore the great outdoors while staying safe and secure by your side.

    Join the ranks of satisfied cat parents around the globe and experience the unmatched quality and convenience of "The Fat Cat" cat backpack. Your feline friend deserves nothing less than the best! 🐱🎒

    Maximum Weight: Cats: 25lbs, Dogs: 17.6lbs 

    Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 17.7 IN 

    Bag itself weights about 2lbs 

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