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Talking Cat Shop with Groomer Priscilla Rodriguez

As our DFW clientele know, the Cat Connection is proud to offer professional grooming services that leave your cat looking and feeling great. But as nice as kitty may look after her grooming appointment, it’s important to remember that proper and regular coat care is also an essential part of your cat’s health. Cat Connection co-owner and groomer Priscilla Rodriguez sat down to answer the most frequent questions she receives about her profession, her life…

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Fleas: Miserable, Annoying Terrors for both You and Kitty (and how to deal)

Recently, the Cat Connection has received numerous questions regarding fleas and flea treatment. This is no surprise, as DFW’s record-breaking wet spring this year produced an outbreak in flea infestations throughout the metroplex. The rain even jeopardized the feral cat program at Southern Methodist University, and many homes and cats experienced flea issues for the first time. So, with this in mind, here is the Cat Connection’s primer on all things flea-related! Try not to…

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Cats Carriers: Safety in a Box

One of the most rewarding parts of working at the Cat Connection is getting to meet our customers’ feline friends in “person” (catson?) through our boarding and grooming services. But as fun as it is to meet the cats we’ve heard so much about, we often receive questions about our requirement that all cats be in a carrier when visiting the Cat Connection, so we decided to address your concerns here. Why we require a cat carrier…

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