SlimCat Feeder Ball

SlimCat Feeder Ball

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    Do you have a kitty who loves to chow down... a little too much? The SlimCat Feeder Ball is a healthier way to dispense your cat's kibble and treats! Made of strong plastic, the dispenser distributes an adjustable amount of food or treats. Simply choose the correct size! A Fun source of play and exercise, the SlimCat Feeder Ball fights obesity and helps to maintain optimal weight.

    To use, open the SlimCat and fill the toy with the recommended amount of fresh dry food, up to 2/3 cup. Treats can also be used, but in a limited quantity. Adjust the hole size to allow food to pass through. Reduce hole size as cat masters the toy!

    The Cat Connection reminds its customers to always consult a trusted veterinarian before beginning a weight loss plan.

    Dishwasher safe. Can be cleaned with hot soapy water. Colors will vary.

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