Octacat Cat Cave

Octacat Cat Cave

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    Does your cat love cardboard boxes, but you're tired of looking at busted amazon.com boxes on your floor? The Octacat Cat Cave is the perfect solution for both human and feline!

    Made of easy to assemble corrugated cardboard, the Octacat Cat Cave is a secret hideout for your feline. Its geometric shape provides kitty with a safe place to relax and play, while two escape routes help your cat avoid conflict (ideal for multi-cat homes). And it's available in three chic colors!

    -Locally sourced corrugated cardboard (cats love cardboard!)
    -Corn starch cardboard paste
    -Water-based ink

    -Easy to Assemble
    -No Adhesives
    -Comfortably Fits Most Felines
    -Made in New York

    This item does not qualify for free shipping due to its dimensional weight, but that's why we've kept the price as low as possible!

    Note: Due to the product's chewability, this is non-returnable item.

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