Metpet Fly & Mouse Rat Wands

Metpet Fly & Mouse Rat Wands

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    The Purple and Blue Diving Bug is an authentic Bass Fly fishing lure (without the hardware of course). The head is constructed from purple deer hair while the collar was created from purple deer hair overlaid with blue and black deer hair. The wings are created using light blue marabou, peacock herl, purple grizzly hackle and blue grizzly hackle and a touch of gold mylar. Approx. 3" long.

    The Bass Bug Fruit Cocktail is an authentic Bass Fly fishing lure (without the hardware of course). The body is constructed from fluorescent yellow, green, black, red and fluorescent orange deer hair while the legs were created from fluorescent yellow, orange, fluorescent green and green rubber. The tail is made of a fluorescent orange, yellow, green rubber, orange mylar plus orange, yellow and green hackle. Approx. 3" long.

    The Bass Bug Frog is an authentic Bass Fly fishing lure (without the hardware of course). The tail is constructed from pearl mylar and white, yellow and olive grizzly hackle feathers. The body and collar were created using white, yellow, black and olive deer hair. The floppy legs are made of rubber. Approx. 3" long

    The Dry Fly is an authentic dry fly fishing lure (without the hardware of course).  The head of the toy is created from natural deer hair and the body from orange yarn and brown hackle. The underwing is constructed from gold deer hair while the overwing is made of turkey wing quill. Approx. 1.75" long

    The Brown and Black Mouse Rats are authentic Bass Fly fishing lures (without the hardware of course). The head and body are constructed from natural deer hair. The whiskers are created using black moose hair. The tail and ears are made from chamois. 

    Fly Toys are honest-to-goodness, fish-catching, hand-tied fishing flies...minus the hook of course. Each fly is individually hand-tied using exquisite natural and synthetic materials. The craftsmanship is truly stunning and the materials are fascinating both for people and their cats.

    High quality interactive toys are not a luxury for cats but are important to keeping them mentally, physically and psychologically fit. Fly Toys are especially good because they look and move so realistically and the nearly invisible line adds to the lifelike appearance. They are deeply satisfying to the hunter in your cat.

    These are interactive toys and should only be brought out when you are playing with them. They come "alive" in your hands (and with your imagination) as you make them skitter, bounce, hop, run, scurry and sail across the floor, over the furniture, under the covers and around the corners. They can even plop in and out of water dishes, across lawns and up trees.

    * As with any product. please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.

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