Hepper Pod Pet Bed

Hepper Pod Pet Bed

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    The Hepper Pod Bed is designed for perfect cat naps while still being aesthetically pleasing in your home.

    Available in two colors: Grey Fabric with Grey Fleece / Black Microfiber Interior Liner or Black and White Woven Herringbone Fabric Pod with Grey Fleece / Black Microfiber Interior Liner.

    With the Hepper Pod Bed, your cat gets:
    - Privacy - Just pop on the top and let them hide out for a while.
    - Warmth - Because sometimes all that fur just doesn’t cut it.
    - Airflow - Just enough to keep things from getting stuffy in there.
    - Beautiful design - This might just be the nicest looking bed in your home.

    Hepper Pod Cat Beds include a blanket liner made with soft sherpa fleece and microfiber - and it's machine washable. The fabric is extra soft to the touch, enough to make you wish your bed was made out of the same material!

    - Interior cat bed liner made of sherpa fleece for maximum coziness - and it's easy to remove and wash.
    - The cat bed bowl is made with a soft-touch construction of flexible molded foam with fabric laminated on both sides.
    - Comfy bowl shape with rounded sides for leaning against.
    - Wide lip for resting tired heads.
    - Overall size 21.5"W x 17"D x 18.5"H. Bed area is 19"x15", 11" floor to ceiling inside. Please check to be sure your critter will fit.
    - Best for cats and small dogs up to about 25 pounds. (Weight is an estimate for the size of your pet. The bed can hold up to 40 pounds, but a pet that weight likely will not fit inside!) For best results, measure your pet when sleeping, and compare to the info above.

    Your cat can enjoy the Hepper Pod Bed in two ways -- open or closed. When open, the Pod Bed makes for a great day bed. The bottom of the door is 10 inches off the floor, so your cat isn’t bothered by passing foot traffic, but is still able to see what’s going on from up above.

    Pop on the top, and the bed truly becomes a Pod, and can result in the best night’s sleep your cat has ever had. The top provides warmth, security and privacy to your cat -- three things they’ll never get from a regular cat bed.

    Even though the Pod Bed is mostly enclosed with the top on, the entrance is still large enough to allow for easy entrances and exits. This also allows airflow inside the pod, so your cat stays warm but can still breathe easily.

    The Pod Bed looks great in your home, and actually adds to a room’s aesthetics, rather than detracting from them. Most pet beds scream, “An animal sleeps here!” and are an eyesore. The Pod Bed has a look luxurious enough that your guests won’t even know it’s a cat bed, but once they find out, they’ll want a bigger one for themselves.

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