Dolphin Scratcher from Imperial Cat

Dolphin Scratcher from Imperial Cat

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    The perfect blend of functionality and charm for your beloved feline companion!

    This fun cat scratcher is designed to cater to your cat's natural instincts for scratching and snoozing, all while adding a touch of whimsy to your home decor. The sturdy honeycomb surface mimics the texture of tree bark, providing an irresistible scratching surface that cats love, while also protecting your precious furnishings from unwanted damage.

    Key features include:
    Dual Purpose Design: Our Dolphin Scratcher serves as both a scratching post and a cozy snooze spot for your cat, offering versatile functionality that meets their needs.
    Irresistible Texture: The sturdy honeycomb surface replicates the feel of tree bark, satisfying your cat's instinctual urge to scratch and helping to keep their claws healthy and trim.
    Made in the USA: Proudly crafted in the USA from recycled paper, our scratcher is not only environmentally friendly but also built to last, providing long-lasting enjoyment for your cat.
    Certified Organic Catnip: Each scratcher comes with a bag of 100% certified organic catnip, adding an extra element of excitement and enrichment to your cat's playtime experience.
    Charming Design: Shaped like an adorable dolphin, this scratcher adds a playful touch to your home decor while also providing hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

    Measures: 9" D x 15" W x 3.5" H.

    Treat your cat to the ultimate scratching and snoozing experience with our Adorable Dolphin Scratcher 

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