Bavarian Safari Mini Sack

Bavarian Safari Mini Sack

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    Safari Mini Sack are filled with the highest quality german valerian root & spelt. Measures approximately 4” x 3” x 1”. Colors will vary.

    Cats can't resist the strong smell of Valerian and it makes them want to nuzzle and play. Makes cats euphoric and encourages them to play intensely. Handcrafted in Germany featuring Bavarian-grown ingredients such as Valerian,
    lavender, and anise. Natural spelt filling gives the toys shape and assures long-lasting quality and fun. Features are stitched on, no glue used.

    Made in Germany

    Note: Valerian Root has a very strong smell that some humans find overpowering. That said, cats LOVE valerian root (often more than catnip), so for many humans, it's worth the stinkiness!

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