Xtrabloom Wate

Xtrabloom Wate

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    The fat product of choice for cats and dogs, Xtrabloom Wate is prime animal fat in powder form. It represents pure energy.

    Benefits include:
    -Choice animal fat represents pure energy which can be highly beneficial in contesting and show dogs
    -Great skin and coat conditioner
    -Highly beneficial in certain dry, flaky skin and coat conditions
    -Great benefit to underweight cats and dogs
    -Aids the absorption and movement of Vitamins A and D from the digestive tract into the blood stream
    -Improves palatability of feeds
    -Helps keep weight on queens during lactation
    -Helps increase flow and quality of milk
    -Helps queens renew faster for re-breeding
    -Helps to have more pups and kittens born alive and a fast takeoff from birth if Xtrabloom Wate is fed during the last one-third of gestation
    -Builds energy stores

    Note: Due to high demand, Xtrabloom Wate may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders. 

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