SturdiBag Pet Carrier

SturdiBag Pet Carrier

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    At first glance you might think that the SturdiBag carrier is just that – a sturdy bag that will let you tote your pet wherever they need to go. But, look a little closer and you’ll see that it’s much more than that. The SturdiBag has mesh panels at both end, as well as along the top, all equipped with a retractable cover to let in light and fresh air when open. Closed, they provide a secure space for your pet, which is especially useful in travel situations when they tend to become stressed or upset. But leave the bag left open at home and you’ll likely find your pet in it, comfortable and ready to leave whenever you are. A zippered compartment at the bottom holds a durable foam-core floor panel that can be removed or replaced; and there’s also space in there for an ice pack or a heating pad, should your pet need it. The bag is large enough to hold your pet comfortably, but small enough to tote around comfortably and store easily when it’s not in use. The nylon fabric comes in a huge variety of colors, so wherever you go you’ll be toting style, too.

    When you’re looking for the best soft cat carrier, the SturdiBag is not only one of the best travel carriers; it’s also one of the best pet beds you’ll ever find!

    Before the SturdiBag Nylon Pet Carrier, air travelers had problems fitting carriers under airline seats.
    Sometimes the carriers even collapsed. Not SturdiBag! Its flexible fiberglass ribbing conforms to tightspaces without caving in.

    • Airline approved for in-cabin use

    • Lightweight, flexible, made of water-repellent nylon packcloth

    • Mesh panels at both ends and along the top, each with retractable covers

    • Front flap zips shut or rolls open

    • Removable shoulder strap

    • Leather hand grip

    • Washable removable fleece and polyester fiberfill pad

    • Flexible fiberglass ribbing allows easy maneuvering without sagging and twisting

    • Zippered compartment at the bottom holds a durable foam-core floor panel that can be removed

    • Zippered end pocket for storage of toys or papers

    • Strong YKK nylon-coil zippers are used throughout

    • Collapses end to end for compact storage

    SturdiBag collapses end-to-end for flat, compact storage. Simply remove the floor panel and horizontal fiberglass ribs. But don't put your SturdiBag away too quickly. As we said, many pets like to lounge in theirs at home too.


    Measures: 12" X 12" X 18" - Holds up to 30lbs


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