Boomerang Mini CollarTags

Boomerang Mini CollarTags

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    Keep your cat or dog safe with a Boomerang Collar Tag. Made of superior quality stainless steel (1/20" thick, non-magnetic, and non-corrosive), each tag is deeply engraved and color filled for maximum readability. Ideal for cats or tiny dogs with collars 3/8" or 1/2" wide (see below).

    Using these will: eliminate clinking tag noises, avoid that obnoxious "hangy" tag look, and keep your pet's tag out of the food dish. We guarantee CollarTags™ will remain attached to a collar of a width for which they are designed (see below).

    For 3/8" wide nylon collars - choose collar style:
    Belt-buckle collar - use a slide-on tag.
    (tag pictured on top)
    Adjustable length collars that close with a plastic 'snap' clasp, harnesses, or Martingale collars.
    (tag pictured on bottom)

    For 1/2" wide collars (Note: measure, do not guess at the width):
    Nylon: Select the "adjustable" style; it will be snug, but we guarantee it will not fall off.
    (tag pictured on bottom)
    Please note that the belt-buckle slide-on style will NOT work on 1/2 inch wide nylon collars.
    Beastie Bands: select the "belt-buckle" style. The tag will be snug, but it will fit and cannot fall off.
    (tag pictured on top)

    This "miniature" size is limited to 4 lines of text.

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