Sleepypod Warmer

Sleepypod Warmer

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    You may think that the Sleepypod is so perfect, it couldn’t possibly be any better. And while it was most likely difficult, the manufacturers have figured out a way to do it by bringing pet owners the Sleepypod Warmer. This warming pad is equipped with a low wattage warmer that will keep the pod at a toasty and comfortable 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius). This warmer isn’t just perfect for those times when you’re caught in the rain or cold during a walk, but it’s also great for those times when you’re busy around the house and just can’t sit still enough for your pet to cuddle up in your lap. The warmer also comes with an adapter that has a quick disconnect cord, a tube that will easily hold the warmer when it’s rolled up for storage, and a charger.

    While it may have been difficult to imagine how the Sleepypod pet carrier could get any better, these brilliant manufacturers have done it by bringing you a warmer that will keep you and your pet in perfect comfort, safety, and security.

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