SSSCat Spray Deterrent Kit
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    Petsafe's patented SSSCAT device is a positive method to controlling your cat's territory and behavioral problems. Cats are territorial animals. There are several areas in a house or apartment where a cat will exhibit different types of behavioral problem. Your cat sees areas of your home as different types of zones. For example, there are comfort zones, hunting zones, disposal zones and feeding zones. Cats determine what these zones are through their visual and olfactory senses. They tend to follow the same path or route through the house to explore their preferred zones. Cats are also very curious animals. They are explorers and sometimes will go to unsafe areas of the house i.e. plants, electrical wires, stove burner, counters etc. By placing SSSCAT along these routes, you can make your cat change its habits and solve your bad cat behavior.

    SSSCAT stops the chain reaction that leads up to the final unwanted act and consequently changes the behavior and motivation associated with it. With SSSCAT, your cat will associate a certain behavior with a stimulus (the spray) found in its environment. Let's take a specific example: the kitchen counter is a space in your home which requires a certain level of cleanliness. Place the cat deterrent on the counter where your cat tends to jump up. As soon as SSSCAT detects the cat, it sprays out a neutral blast of air. This is not a pleasant experience for the cat and the counter eventually becomes a spot it wants to avoid.

    SSSCAT Starter Set Includes:
    Adjustable SSSCAT® motion detector (Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) )
    1 can of harmless HFC134a gas
    User guide

    Note: 4 AAA batteries not included

    Please click on the link to view a QuickTime video on how the SSSCat works.
    SSSCat QuickTime Video
    (Please note: The SSSCAT does not emit a beeping noise.)

    This Device Includes:
    * A sensor that detects your cat
    * A spray to deter your cat

    Benefits and Features:
    * Protects area from cats up to 1 meter
    * Odorless
    * Harmless
    * Stainless
    * Adjustable motion detector (from side to side)
    * Adjustable direction of spray (up and down)
    * Refill contains over 300 sprays and can be purchased separately
    * Leaves no residue
    * Requires no training
    * 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment

    Keeps your pet away:
    * From scratching furniture
    * From jumping on counters, tables etc
    * From chewing plants, electrical wire etc
    * From attacking other pets ex: fish and birds etc
    * From entering a room ex: baby's room, living room etc
    * From stealing food when you are away

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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | SSSCat Spray and cat toy
    Reviewed by | 12-13-2010

    Everything I ordered was great! Thanks for packaging them so nicely! Merry Christmas to everyone at the Cat Connection!