Jerry Kurlz Road Runner Cat Toy

Jerry Kurlz Road Runner Cat Toy

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    A fun, safe alternative to hair ties and rubber bands, the Jerry Kurlz Road Runner Cat Toy is designed to enthrall your feline and keep them safe! A Cat Connection exclusive product!

    We've all been there...watching our cats go after a misplaced hair tie or rubber band. They're thinking "Best Toy Ever" while we run wildly behind them (calculating how much the vet visit will end up costing and how long it will take to get there), fumbling to get the "Toy" away. Years of this scene playing out have prompted the invention of the Jerry Kurlz Road Runner (a 2 to 2.5" in diameter paper wonder with feather) in honor of our beloved feline, Jerry.

    Are these Kurlz built to last forever? No, but it's a fun toy that is sure to entertain safely! Made from Natural Paper and feather, these will give your kitty a fun and safe alternative to the heart pounding hair tie!

    Each Jerry Kurlz Road Runner has been catnip marinated and are sold separately.

    *As with any toy we recommend that you supervise your cat's play time and take the Kurlz away if they get torn up!

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