PetAg 2oz Nursing Kit

PetAg 2oz Nursing Kit

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    All bottle reared babies need good nutrition properly administered. PetAg nurser bottles have been designed to fill that need and are suitable for newborn kittens, puppies, and other animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, raccoons, etc.
    This 2oz bottle is conveniently marked in tablespoons for accurate feeding. One tablespoon equals 1/2 fluid ounces or 15ml.
    The nipple will need to have a hole made in it using a hot needle (allow the needle to cool before removing, so silicone does not melt together again)or by cutting an "x" with a razor blade or scissors. The size of the opening will regulate the formula flow. Once your animal has teeth, it is advisable that you monitor the nipple's condition for your animals safety. The bottle brush may be used to keep the inside of the bottle and nipple clean.

    Consult your veterinarian for specific advise on the care and treatment of your animal. Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady also provides wonderful information on raising orphaned kittens.


    Kit includes a 2 oz. bottle, 4 heat resistant nipples and a bristle bottle brush for cleaning.

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