PURRfect Leather Bouncer Cat Toy

PURRfect Leather Bouncer Cat Toy

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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (5 Reviews)
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    The Purrfect Leather Bouncer is a whimsical leather and faux fur cat toy on an 18" wand with a 9" cable that creates a special bounce. The swaying movement of the Faux Fur Piece with Leather Tassels entices cats to chase and catch the toy, and the wand is durable enough to survive even the wildest felines.

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    * As with any product. please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.

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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | 5 Reviews
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | My boys love it
    Reviewed by | 7-25-2019

    I have two Bengal boys who lose their mind for this wand. They do flips in the air and run all over the place, chasing it. They will bring this toy and put it at my feet. Unfortunately, the one just loves to eat the leather tails, and then they don’t love it so much. I just make sure to keep supplied :)

    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | Best toy!
    Reviewed by | 4-13-2012

    I bought this toy for my 2 year old Turkish Van mix cat. He is a very high energy boy and I needed something small that I can fly through my house. Everyday when I come home from work, Hunter, leads me to the drawer where I hide this toy. He plays with it everyday. He will catch the fur end in his mouth and drag the whole toy, pole and all, around the house. This is by far his favorite toy. With only 3 months of usage, the fur end has ripped open. So I'm going to cut the fur end off, and let him carry that around the house. Have to go out and buy another one today. He has played with this toy for hours. Literally hours. He doesn't get tired of it. If I could give this toy 10 stars I would! Nothing else gets Hunters attention, only this toy!!

    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | My sphynx's favorite toy!
    Reviewed by | 6-19-2011

    This wand is a perfect length and has great flexibility for me to interact with my sphynx kitten. I had two other wands before this one that I got at Petsmart, and they broke shortly after use and also had shiny little tinsel-like things that would fall off everywhere. The PURRfect Leather Bouncer has been a lot of fun for me and my little guy since we got it a few months ago. Its pieces did start coming out of their slots after awhile, but I put a little super glue on the parts, and the toy is as good as new. It seems to be a safe toy too, since it has natural leather bands on it (the ones on the end are very intriguing to Dilbert and probably help clean his little teeth) and a faux fur oval near the end -- nothing that Dilbert can rip off and choke on. Dilbert is 10 months old and full of energy, and we play with this toy at least a few times a week.

    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | Best Cat Toy I've Found
    Reviewed by | 4-5-2011

    We bought this when we brought home our little boy Sparky. Every time he 'catches' the mouse end he will pull it from my hand, carry it around the house in a victory lap, and bring it back to me so that I can fly it and he can catch it again. He is good for 45 minutes of play at a time after which he is exhausted. When he goes to sleep, he pulls it onto our bed so mommy and daddy won't let the other cats get at it. In over 5 months of constant play he has finally pulled the mouse end off of the stick. This time I'm buying 3 so each cat can have their own. Would give it more than five stars if I could. Sparky surely gives it his paw of approval.

    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 | my kitties are insane for this
    Reviewed by | 11-2-2010

    they love love this leather bouncer! they cry for me to play with them with it all thru out the day (that is the downside). However they get great exercise and they adore it. I guess it moves like the real thing! I finally got a new one even tho the old was still in fine shape and they went nuts for it. I guess the new one that new leather flavor!?? My boy cat drags it all over the house, stick and all and follows me into rooms with it hoping I will play with him. it definitely is the best toy according to them. Don't know if all cats will love it but mine give it 10 stars.

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