Kittywalk SUV Pet Stroller

Kittywalk SUV Pet Stroller

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    The SUV Pet Stroller from Kittywalk is still the urban pet owner’s best value for taking your indoor or older pet outdoors, to the store, on strolls, or to the vet. The Kittywalk SUV Pet Stroller was designed for anyone who owns cats or small dogs and has experienced the difficulty of trying to carry those awkward pet carriers any distance at all. Because of the two main components – the stroller and the carrier – that can be used on their own or in combination with the other, you’ll really be getting three products for the price of one!

    The carrier, which has a sturdy metal construction and mesh panels for maximum ventilation, can be removed from the stroller and used on its own for short distances, or it can be placed onto the stroller frame for longer strolls. The stroller can then be used when transporting the carrier, or by itself to transport larger and heavier items. When the stroller frame is not being used for anything at all, a one-click button will help it fold up so it can be put away for easy storage.

    Why use just any old carrier when you can use a luxury pet carrier like this one from Kittywalk? Not only are there three different ways to use it, it’s also one of the most stylish products on the market!

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