Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls

Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls

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    Toss a cap-full of Vacuum Beads into the vacuum bag or the canister. The airflow in your vacuum releases their magical odor removing goodness. Replace beads monthly or as often as needed. Keep bottle tightly closed when not in use. Contains 10-14 uses.


    4.25 oz bottle

    Fresh Wave Pets Vacuum Pearls are powerful, natural neutralizers that eliminate a variety of odors without masking or using fragrances and harsh chemicals. Simply fill the cap with beads, toss, into your vacuum's bag or canister and vacuum. The airflow of the vacuum will cause the beads to neutralize your room's odors while you clean the carpet. Contains 10-14 uses. With kennels, cages, litter boxes, even indoor "accidents," your beloved pet can be the source of some unpleasant odors. Fresh Wave Pets is a pet owner's best friend. Instead of harsh chemicals and perfumes that merely provide a masking scent, Fresh Wave products attract, capture and neutralize odor particles, leaving you with a natural smelling, odor-free environment. 4.25 oz bottle Check out 55 Creative Ways to use Fresh Wave Sprays, Candles, and Gels. Click here!

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