Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-In

Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-In

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    Convenient Electric Diffuser For continuous control in the home Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway provides continuous control in the home for up to 30 days. Just plug Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway into any AC outlet in the room your cat stays in most when you are not at home. If your cat has access to more than one floor, plug in a diffuser on each floor. Each diffuser covers an area up to 650 sq. ft. Refills are available, sold seperatly.

    Comfort Zone with Feliway effectively ends urine marking and vertical scratching. Comfort Zone with Feliway also helps comfort cats in stressful situations, such as:

    • Moving to a new home
    • Visitors
    • New pet or family member
    • Travel

    Comfort Zone helps alleviate stress-related behavior, urine marking and scratching by mimicking the facial pheromone secreted by cats. Perhaps you've seen your cat rub his face on objects around your home - he is depositing facial pheromones to mark the areas that are familiar in his territory. When your cat senses these facial pheromones in areas of your home, he does not feel the urge to urine mark or scratch.
    Pheromones In Nature

    Pheromones are natural chemicals emitted by animals through their skin and glands that help them to communicate with others of the same species. In mammals, the vomeronasal organ, a structure close to the nasal passage, receives these pheromone signals. When animals receive pheromone signals, there is an involuntary behavioral effect on those animals. There are many different types of pheromones and different classes have different effects. For instance, some serve social functions among animals, while others serve sexual functions among animals.

    Feline Facial Pheromones

    Pheromones are natural chemicals secreted by animals to communicate with others of the same species. Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics the feline facial pheromone that helps a cat feel at home in his environment. When your cat rubs his face on an object, or even you, he is releasing the feline facial pheromone that marks the area as familiar and safe. When he senses this facial pheromone through the nasal passage, he recognizes it as familiar and does not feel the urge to urine mark or scratch.

    Reasons Cats Urine Mark

    Cats are solitary, territorial animals and often use marking behaviors as a means of defining their territories. Pheromones released from several areas of their bodies serve as a chemical message to other cats. Although urine marking may be embarrassing to cat owners, this behavior is perfectly natural in cats. Your cat may urine mark for the following reasons:
    • To initiate sexual activity
    • Strange cats visiting the cat's territory
    • New pet or family member in the home
    • Problems with a member of the household
    • Problems with another pet in the home
    • Moving or remodeling the home
    • Visitors to the home

    It is important for you to determine your cat's reason for urinating outside the litter box. Not all of these instances may be urine marking. Evidence of urine marking is normally found on vertical surfaces, about 8 inches above the floor. Only a small amount of urine is discharged in a spraying event. Both male and female cats markveven neutered and spayed cats.

    In contrast, ordinary urination is on horizontal surfaces in larger puddles. Your cat may urinate in the house for several reasons, such as medical problems, old age, a full litter box, or your cat's objection to the location of the litter box. If you are not sure whether you have a marking problem or a medical problem, consult your veterinarian before using any product.

    Common Questions

    1. How do the diffusers work?
    The diffusers work by using a heating element to disperse the pheromone into the air. Once present, the pet breathes in the pheromone and it attaches to a receptive organ, called the vomeronasal organ located in the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ then signals the brain, via nerves, and a sense of well-being is established.

    2. What behaviors will the products reduce or stop?
    Comfort Zone with Feliway naturally controls urine marking and scratching, calms cats in transport and comforts cats in stressed environments. This unique product is a copy of the naturally occurring facial pheromones present in cats. The presence of these pheromones results in an emotional calming, reducing the cat's impulse to mark its territory. Comfort Zone with Feliway has been proven to help reduce your cat's stress in the following environments and situations:

    • New Home
    • Transportation (Spray)
    • Hospitalization
    • Boarding
    • Introducing a New Cat
    • New Furniture
    • Unfamiliar People
    • Other Animals
    3. How long does the product need to be used until noticeable positive effects are observed?
    Ideally, the product should be used for at least one month. Results have been noticed as early as one week. The degree of results will also depend on the condition or behavioral disorder of your pet, some will respond faster and better than others.

    4. If someone is currently using the Comfort Zone Spray with Feliway, should they discontinue the spray and use only the Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway?
    That depends on the type of behavior they are trying to address. For the treatment of scratching behavior and for calming cats in their carriers, the spray is the preferred product and use thereof should be continued. For use in multi-cat households, to end urine marking or for the initial treatment of stress related behaviors, Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway is the preferred product.

    5. How can I keep my cat calm during transport?
    For transport in a cage, Comfort Zone Spray with Feliway is still your best application. Spray the inside of the cage with Comfort Zone Spray with Feliway about 20 minutes before introducing the cat. For transport in a car or other vehicle, spray 3-4 times around the cat's usual place in the vehicle before placing the cat in it.

    6. How do I use the diffuser?
    Comfort Zone Diffusers should be placed in the room where the cat spends most of its time or where the unwanted behavior is the greatest. Remove the cap from the bottle. Attach the bottle to the diffuser device and plug the product in. The diffuser should be placed in an outlet that is open to the room. The product should not be placed behind furniture or in an electrical outlet near shelves, cabinets or other physical barriers, which may prevent dispersion of the pheromone. Each diffuser will cover approximately 650 square feet. If your pet has access to more than one floor in your home, a diffuser should be used on each floor. Always refer to the package insert for complete instructions for use.

    7. How long will the Comfort Zone Diffusers last?
    They will last for approximately one month.

    8. Will it stop a cat from urinating outside the litter box?
    If the cat is directing urine to a vertical surface (marking), Comfort Zone with Feliway is effective in controlling this behavior. For best results, it is important to make a proper diagnosis of behavioral urine marking. If the cat is squatting and urinating on a horizontal surface, there are a number of reasons that cause this behavior, including:

    • Urinary tract infection or crystalluria
    • Inadequate cleaning of the litter box
    • Unacceptable type of litter or litter box
    • Relocation of litter box to busy area
    • Accessibility of litter box (are they blocked by another animal?)

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