Dr Catsby's Water Bowl

Dr Catsby's Water Bowl

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    The best companion for your cat's favorite whisker friendly food bowl from Dr.Catsby.

    • The original whisker friendly design now improved to better hold water

    • Holds more water (12 fl oz or 50% more than our food bowl), more than an adult cat's daily use

    • More pronounced edge holds water better during handling

    • Kitchen grade stainless steel, high quality, dishwasher safe, no bacteria, no acne

    • Food grade silicone non-slip based included

    Product dimensions are 7.08" in diameter and 1.25" in height

    Care Instructions
    Hand wash bowl and mat with warm soap and water. Towel dry.
    If you prefer the dishwasher, wash only the bowl on the normal setting. Do not place the rubber mat in the dishwasher.

    Recommended for: Cats who suffer from whisker fatigue or stress, cats who drop their food outside of the bowl, stylish homes

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