Crinkle Pom Pom Balls

Crinkle Pom Pom Balls

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    Crinkle Pom Pom Ball add a playful twist on a classic kitty toy that's sure to delight your feline friend!

    Crafted with care, our Crinkle Pom Pom Balls feature soft, multi-colored pom poms with Mylar strips at their center, adding an extra element of excitement and intrigue. Watch as your cat becomes captivated by the crinkling sound and irresistible texture, spending hours chasing, batting, and pouncing on these fun-filled toys.

    Key features include:
    Playful Design: The combination of soft pom poms and crinkly Mylar strips creates an engaging sensory experience that entices cats to play and explore.
    Multi-Colored: Vibrant colors add visual appeal to the Crinkle Pom Pom Balls, stimulating your cat's senses and encouraging active play.
    Hours of Entertainment: Whether your cat is chasing, batting, or simply pawing at them, these balls provide endless entertainment and stimulation.
    Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality materials, our Crinkle Pom Pom Balls are safe for your cat to play with and built to withstand vigorous play sessions.
    Versatile Usage: Perfect for solo play or interactive games with your cat, these balls offer versatile entertainment options for cats of all ages and sizes.

    Small measures: 1 1/2" in diameter
    Medium measures: 2 1/2" in diameter

    Each sold separately.

    * As with any product. please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.

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