Chewy the Hemp Rope

Chewy the Hemp Rope

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    Crafted from durable hemp ropes and infused with potent, all-natural catnip, this toy is sure to captivate and delight your furry friend. The double knotted design provides endless opportunities for play and exploration, while the resealable bag ensures long-lasting freshness.

    Key features include:
    Durable Hemp Ropes: Made from high-quality hemp ropes, our toy is built to withstand vigorous play sessions, ensuring hours of entertainment for your cat.
    Potent Catnip Infusion: Marinated in potent, all-natural catnip, our toy is guaranteed to entice and excite even the pickiest of felines, sparking their natural instincts and encouraging active play.
    Double Knotted Design: The double knotted design adds an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to playtime, providing your cat with endless opportunities for batting, chasing, and unraveling fun.
    Resealable Bag: Packaged in a convenient resealable bag, our toy stays fresh and fragrant, ready for your cat to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.
    Favorite Among Cats: Loved by cats everywhere, our Double Knotted Hemp Ropes Toy is a tried-and-true favorite that promises hours of joy and amusement.

    Made in the USA!

    A favorite amongst cats everywhere! Our double knotted hemp ropes toy come in a resealable bag and is marinated in potent all natural catnip.

    Made in the USA!

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