Go Cat Cat Tail Teaser Wand

Go Cat Cat Tail Teaser Wand

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    The Go Cat Cat Tail Wand is the ultimate toy for captivating even the most reserved feline friends and sparking their playful spirit!

    Crafted with care, the Go Cat Cat Tail Wand features an 8-9" Fluffy Feather Boa material attached to an 18" wand, providing a perfect balance of length and flexibility for enticing play sessions. The feather boa lure end offers a soft and silent enticement, ideal for engaging even the shyest of kitties in interactive play.

    Key Features:

    Irresistible Design: Made with fluffy Feather Boa material, our Cat Tail Wand creates an irresistible lure that cats can't resist, encouraging them to leap, pounce, and bat with enthusiasm.

    Flexible and Quiet: The feather boa lure end is not only soft and fluffy but also flexible and quiet, making it perfect for encouraging play without startling or overwhelming your cat.

    Colorful Variety: Please note that colors will vary, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your cat's playtime routine.

    Versatile Usage: Whether you're dangling the wand for your cat to chase or using it to mimic prey-like movements, the Cat Tail Wand offers endless opportunities for interactive play and bonding with your furry friend.

    Elevate your cat's playtime experience with the Go Cat Cat Tail Wand!

    *As with any product be sure to monitor your cat's playtime to ensure product safety

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