Buddy Cat Astro Collars

Buddy Cat Astro Collars

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    Introducing Buddy Cat Astro Collars, where celestial charm meets kitty comfort! 

    Crafted from sumptuously soft material, each collar is adorned with enchanting gold star and moon designs, backed by plush white felt for a purr-fectly cozy fit. 

    Key features include: 

    Stretch for Safety: Equipped with a breakaway buckle, our collars prioritize your cat's safety, allowing for a quick escape if needed. 
    Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality stretch nylon for long-lasting wear and tear resistance. 
    Colorful Choices: Available in a cosmic spectrum of colors including Purple, Pink, Black, Red, and Blue, these collars ensure your feline friend can shine bright in every setting. 
    Perfect Fit: Adjustable to fit neck sizes 8-12 inches, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for cats of all shapes and sizes. 
    Audible Charm: Each collar comes complete with a matching bell, making it easy to keep track of your feline friend's whereabouts. 

    Elevate your cat's style to intergalactic levels with the Buddy Cat Astro Collars!

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