Boundary Cat Repellent

Boundary Cat Repellent

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    Boundary Animal Repellent works as an effective training aid in and around the home to repel cats from areas they don't belong including trees, shrubs, flower beds, garbage cans and bags and other "forbidden" areas. Ready-to-use, pump spray formula applies in seconds and repels cats up to 24 hours when applied daily. Available in a 22 oz. pump spray bottle.
    • Repels cats away from forbidden areas.
    • Helps break undesirable habits.
    • 24 hour protection inside & out.
    • Apply daily for best results.
    Application Directions: Spray the object lightly with this product until slightly moistened. 

    Re-treatment Directions: Repeat daily, or as necessary, until undesirable habit is broken. 

    INDOOR USE: Use indoors to break your pet of undesirable habits such as sleeping on furniture and rugs or to keep out of “forbidden” areas. Always use with consistent training and praise your pet for good behavior. 

    OUTDOOR USE: Use outdoors to prevent cats from disturbing flower beds, areas of lawn, trees, shrubbery, fences, patio furniture, and garbage cans/bags. 

    NOTE: This product is not likely to break the established urination patterns of cats unless it is used as a training aid. 

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