ORE PET Skinny Black Rubber Placemat

ORE PET Skinny Black Rubber Placemat

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    Looking for a space-saving solution to keep your pet's feeding area neat and clean? 

    Look no further than the ORE PET Skinny Pet Placemat! This eco-friendly placemat is designed specifically for smaller spaces, making it perfect for apartments, studios, or anywhere where floor space is limited.

    Here's what makes the ORE PET Skinny Pet Placemat a purrfect (or perhaps pawsome) choice:
    Space-Saving Design: The slim 7.5-inch width fits perfectly alongside furniture or walls, keeping your pet's feeding area organized without sacrificing valuable floor space.
    Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from recycled rubber in the USA, this placemat is a sustainable choice that's kind to the planet.
    Easy to Clean: The smooth, non-porous surface makes cleaning up spills and messes a breeze. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth!
    Reduces Bowl Movement: The textured surface helps prevent your pet's food and water bowls from sliding around during mealtime, keeping your floors mess-free.
    Stylish and Versatile: The classic black color complements any home decor, making this placemat a practical and stylish addition to your pet supplies.

    Please note: Due to the recycled materials used, there may be slight variations in the shade and texture of the black color. This doesn't affect the functionality of the placemat and adds a unique character to each piece.

    Ore' PetTM's Skinny Pet Placemats are a great shape solution for smaller spaces. Skinny Pet Placemats are made in the USA from recycled rubber, and measure 7.5 inches wide by 17 inches long. Note: due to the recycled nature of this product, the black color and texture may vary.

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