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> Molly-4653

Super Deluxe Vertical Scratching Post

Price: $89.99

SKU: 4653

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Super Deluxe Vertical Scratching Post

This Super Deluxe Vertical Scratching Post is designed for any cat, young or old. The combination of sisal and carpet will assure you that no cat will destroy this scratching post. It's stylish design is welcoming to your cat and offers an appealing surface to scratch. With Olefin carpet padding the upper and lower surface, it offers comfort and durability. A durable scratching post is great for helping your cat to stop scratching on you furniture.

Height: 34"

The finest materials available are used to make each cat tree the safest possible haven for your kitty. Only 4" solid untreated heart of pine core posts are used and the 6" zinc lag bolts provide secure anchoring. The carpet strands are no longer than 6". Each piece is designed with the well-being of your kitty in mind - no chemicals, no treated wood, no harmful glues.

Color Selection:

The colors are, from left to right, as follows:
Burgundy, Gray, Dark Blue, Tan, Off-White, Country Blue, and Hunter Green.

To speed up the process of building your condo, please select a first and second choice for carpet colors. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose. Our furniture is divided into two parts - "Parts" and "Poles". You will need to select 2 color choices for each part of the furniture. Mix, match or contrast colors for the effect you want.


All units are shipped fully assembled and usually within  3-4 weeks by one of two methods:

1.) LTL. All units except 2 tier condos and Molly Cat House are delivered LTL. Units will be fully assembled and shipped to your doorstep.
2.) UPS. UPS only ships two tier condos and Molly Cat House

All furniture is Drop-Shipped directly from the makers. Shipping is included in the price of the unit for the 48 contiguous United States. If you want shipped to Alaska or Hawaii please call for a quote.

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Cat Connection, Pet Grooming, Dallas, TX
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